Wheel N' Field Day 2020

Houston, TX

Day full of games, tricks, races, music, food, fun.

Wheel N' Field Day

Wheel N' Field Day is a fun filled day of Ønewheel inspired field day events & skate-park. Co-hosted by the Houston Ønewheel Crew in Houston, Texas.

Not only is the event free to attend with music, food, riding, & skate-park access, but there are also paid competitive events that put four teams of seven head to head to see who has the best, balance, coordination, & teamwork.

Competitive team events from 2020 event:

  • Time Trial Races

  • Team Catapult Catch

  • Team Flag Snag

  • Egg-and-Spoon Relay Race

  • Soccer/Rocket League (with 6' diameter inflatable soccer ball)

Giveaway prizes were donated from our sponsors listed below.


24927 Morton Ranch Road, Katy, TX


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