Wheel N' Field Day 2020

Houston, TX

Day full of games, tricks, races, music, food, fun.

Miss the event? Not too late to get some swag! LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Wheel N' Field Day

Wheel N' Field Day is a fun filled day of Ønewheel inspired field day events & skate-park. Co-hosted by the Houston Ønewheel Crew in Houston, Texas.

Not only is the event free to attend with music, food, riding, & skate-park access, but there are also paid competitive events that put four teams of seven head to head to see who has the best, balance, coordination, & teamwork.

Competitive team events from 2020 event:

  • Time Trial Races

  • Team Catapult Catch

  • Team Flag Snag

  • Egg-and-Spoon Relay Race

  • Soccer/Rocket League (with 6' diameter inflatable soccer ball)

Giveaway prizes were donated from our sponsors listed below.


24927 Morton Ranch Road, Katy, TX