Want to join for StokeBird 2022 but can't get your board to the event? You can rent a Onewheel for the event. Limited number of boards available so be sure to get your reservation in early.

Rental Rate:

Onewheel XR - $199 for the entire event

Onewheel Pint X - $199 for the entire event

We know the best riding happens on your own board, which is why this year we're offering a curated shipping service*. We'll provide you with a prepaid, insured shipping label which will get your board to Miami. We will unbox your board, charge it up, and get it ready for the event. Once you arrive, you can simply pick up your board from us. After the event is over, just drop your board back off and we'll ship it back home for you.

Shipping Rates:

Onewheel XR - $199

Onewheel Pint X - $199

Onewheel Pint - $199

*If you decide to use either of these services, keep in mind that your board will need to be shipped out on or BEFORE January 15th to guarantee we receive it in time for the event. Shipping service is only for lower 48 states.

Rent a Onewheel

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Ship my Onewheel

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Look forward to seeing you at StokeBird 2022!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Email: stokebird@renteboards.com

Call/text: 281-406-0155